Friends of Eric Tours was born where any great travel idea comes from…at the Martini bar on a cruise ship after way too much vodka. After spending thousands of dollars over the years on ship excursions and getting crammed into a large bus with average guides trying to control large groups, I decided that I had finally had enough and started organizing my own private shore excursions. Over the years I have organized multiple tours in the Caribbean, Europe and Middle East ranging from half a day to 3 full days. Please have a look at the previous tours section of the page for details and pictures.


I now organize private tours in most ports of call while I cruise and have set up this web site to help coordinate the tours with all of you. I hope that you will find this site useful, though basic as I am not a computer wiz, but more importantly, join me as a new friend on one of my tours.



CTO “Chief Tour Organizer” of FOET



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