Recommended Tour Companies

I spend a lot of time researching tour companies. In order to help you, and the companies that I feel have earned my recommendation, I have listed the names and direct links to their websites of the companies I have used.


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If you are ever in the South of France Veronque Flayol, owner of Premium Provence Transport, is an amazing guide. She did a wonderful job for our tour and worked hard to organize something very unique and tailored to our requests. Highly Recommended.



I have been several times to Turkey and had 2 wonderful guides from each trip.

Ceyda Baydur is a very sweet and knowledgable guide who took us through Ephesus for a day. She knows that archeological site inside and out. I spent half a day there with her and feel like I saw everything there was to see and Ceyda had a story or explanation for everything we saw.


Hakan Senyen was recommended to me by Ceyda. Hakan is a very special guide. His passion for guiding is obvious. He is educated in the USA and Canada and is the most intelligent guide I have ever come across. His understanding of how Turkey interacted with the world throughout the various periods of history helps bring the sights you see come alive and he relates it all back to what we now see before us.



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